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Tanja Ashyana

Yoga & Gong Sound Meditation

Change can be challenging, a great way to consciously move through pain held in the body or mind and overcome grief is to unfold your feelings is in a safe space… activate your chakras and move into your heart space 💚

The Gong is one of humanities most powerful and oldest transformational and therapeutic instruments dating back as far as 16,000 BC!!

Bring your yoga mat and become one with the plasma field, becoming electromagnetically charged in a positive, benevolent and holistic fashion. Recalibrate your parasympathetic nervous system, hydrogenate your cells, regulate blood pressure. As sound penetrates the whole body it impacts the brain waves, respiratory system, heart function, and regulates the immune system... you will feel deep bliss resonate through your whole being, so inhale, exhale …and release!  Bring your positive intentions and allow all that no longer serves you to be transmuted to light. 

Tanja layers in the deep tones of her voice with healing Sanskrit prayers “I work like the string between two cups; YOU and SOURCE”.

The benefits you will feel are ~ Upliftment!! Relief of anxiety and depression, pain relief, deeper sleep, blissfulness/deep peace, feeling centered and focused...many people leave with a natural buzz, on "Cloud Nine", a resonance that can be with you for days and feel transformational. The Hub will be warmed to a comfortable 25 degrees, to be super comfortable you will need to bring along your own yoga mat, favorite blanket, bolster, cushions, eye mask and fluffy socks for the Gong Sound Bath. (NOTE: We do have equipment for up to 20 people so please bring your own, if you have them, allowing those without to use what is available).

Given the tools we can all be our own doctors and using her Gongs Tanja personally has overcome Obesity, Hypertension, Reactive Gastritis, Asthma and Diverticulitis, freeing herself from pain relief medications and anxiety. Her daily Gong and Yoga practice settles pain in her knees, hips and hands acquired from demanding repetitive jobs and competitive sport injuries. 

Science shows benefits after as little as 20 mins, but a sleep cycle of 45 mins is ideal, and an hour of Gong Sound Meditation is the equivalent of 4 hours uninterrupted sleep. 

5:15pm - 6:15pm Thursday evenings during school term

Don't sit in your car and wait for your kids to do Circus, drive around the corner for some nourishing "YOU time" and float back to collect them afterwards ☺️ refreshed and recharged.

0494 118 858

Tanja Ashyana
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