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Welcome to The Studio! This is our largest room ideal for group classes, workshops, retreats, large audience presentations etc. We are told it’s one of the largest private hire spaces in town!

The Studio is a light filled room, measuring # x #, with big windows that open up on to Main St

below. You can subdue the light with our lovely sheer curtains or, if you wish, you can block it out completely with our window blocks that cut out all light and sound. These are perfect to use for meditation classes, sound healings, any event requiring complete peacefulness.

The flooring in this room is high quality vinyl laid over timber floor boards. This gives a gentle feel underfoot and is a pleasure for movement classes such as yoga, tai chi, dance etc. The walls and ceiling are bright and clean and there are downlights throughout which can be dimmed. The room has air con and ceiling fans and a wall clock for you to discreetly keep track of time.

We have premium quality yoga props available with the hire of this room including mats, bolsters, blocks and straps for 25 and the room comfortably accommodates 25 yogi’s at once. We also have 25 chairs available for your use. Please note that in an audience type layout this room could easily accommodate 50 - 60 chairs if you wish to bring additional in for your event. There is filtered water and glassware provided as well as an urn and mugs for setting up a refreshment station ~ BYO condiments.

The room is minimally furnished and decorated allowing you to create your own feel.There is easy access from this room to the unisex single bathroom.

We have a noticeboard case downstairs at street level for you to display your event advertising and also a pinboard in our small upstairs waiting room. Upon booking you will be able to create an event on our website which we will also share across all of our social media channels and local social boards. We can assist your marketing campaign!

We would love to talk to you about your upcoming events and how we can accommodate you and your guests in the Studio.

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