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11 feet x 12 feet (132 square feet)

Welcome to Soothe!

This is a small therapy room perfect for bodywork sessions. It is equipped with an adjustable

massage/beauty table and a small cabinet to store your regularly used items when booking a regular weekly slot.

The flooring in this room is the original timber floor boards. They are clean and give the space a lovely feeling of character. The walls and ceiling are bright and clean and there are downlights which can be dimmed. The room has air con and a ceiling fan and a clock for you to discreetly keep track of time. There is soundproofing in place for privacy.

There is a small waiting area outside the entry to this room where your clients can sit comfortably on one of two chairs.

The room is minimally furnished and decorated allowing you to create your own feel. We have blue tac available for you to display your own posters on the glass panelled wall as well as whiteboard markers if you would like to write on these panels. There is easy access from this room to the

unisex single bathroom.

We have a noticeboard case downstairs at street level for you to display your event advertising and also a pinboard in our small upstairs waiting room. Upon booking you will be able to create an event on our website which we will also share across all of our social media channels and local social boards. We can assist your marketing campaign!

We would love to talk to you about your offering and how we can accommodate you and your


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